New and interesting records of Psyllids from Czechoslovakia (Homoptera, Psylloidea)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1979
Authors:P. Lauterer
Journal:Acta Musei Moraviae
Pagination:93– 102

Faunistics: Aphalara borealis H e s 1. Ha r r , Psyllopsis meliphila Low, Psylla alpina Forst . , Psylla betulae (L.), Cacopsylla vasiljevi (Šulc) , Eryngiofaga hun- garica (Kl im. ) , new records for Czechoslovakia; Cacopsylla visci (Cur t . ) new record for Slovakia; Eryngiofaga lautereri Log. , precised distribution. P. meliphila Löw, P. alpina F o r s t , and C. visci (Cur t . ) , new records for Bulgaria; C. vasil? jevi (Cur t . ) , new record for Yugoslavia. The interpretation of Aphalara borealis H e s 1. Ha r r , and Aphalara calthae (L.) is discussed. The variability of the colo? ration of P. meliphila Low is described. The possible occurrence of C. vasiljevi (Sul c ) as a pest in Czechoslovakia is discussed. The development of C. visci (Cur t . ) on Loranthus europaeus is confirmed. A description is given of the bio? nomics and variability of apical spines of hind tibiae of E. hungarica (Kl im. ) . Trioza bupleuri В u h r nec Wa gner nom. nud. is synonymized with E. lautereri Log.

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