New data on the occurrence, bionomics and taxonomy of some czechoslovakian Psylloidea (Homoptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1982
Authors:P. Lauterer
Journal:Acta Musei Moraviae
Pagination:133– 162

Taxonomy: Aphalara avicularis Ossia nn ils son , status discussed; Bactericera silacea (M е y e r - D ü r r], syn. n., season form of B. acutipennis (Ze t t e r ? s t edt ) , confirmed by breedings; Bactericera perrisi P u t о n, season dichroism de? scribed; Heterotrioza obliqua (T homson], season form of H. chenopodii ( R e u ? t e r ] , confirmed by breedings; H. obliqua obliqua (T ho ms on ) and H. obliqua horvathi ( L ow) , identity discussed. Faunistics: Aphalara rumicicola Kl ima - s z ews k i , Cacopsylla afjinis ( L ow) , C. hlppophaes ( F o r s t e r ) , C. zetter- stedti ( T h oms o n ), new for the fauna of Czechoslovakia; Psyllopsis distinguen? da E dwa r d s , Bactericera acutipennis ( Z e t t e r s t e d t ) , Heterotrioza cheno? podii ( Re u te r ), new for the fauna of Moravia, the latter species also new for the fauna of Bohemia. New host plants: Fraxinus angustijolia Vai l , to Psyllopsis distinguenda E dwa r d s ; Beta vulgaris L. (fodder and industrial cultivar) and Spinacia oleracea L. to Heterotrioza chenopodii (Reut . ) . A new predator of psy- llid eggs, Anystis baccarum (L inn aeu s ) (Acariña, Anystidae) has been ascer? tained. Bionomics, incidentally the oviposition of Aphalara rumicicola Kl im. , Psyl? lopsis distinguenda Edw., Cacopsylla hlppophaes ( F o r s t . ) , Trichochermes wal keri ( F o r s t . ) , Bactericera acutipennis (Ze t t . ) , B. perrisi Put . , Heterotrioza chenopodii ( Reut . ) described. The autumn form of H. chenopodii ( Reut . ) was induced due to short-day illumination during summer months, the onset of diapau? se in this species discussed and the ethology of the defecation of larvae described.

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